About us

about us

We are the team of IT professionals from the Central Asian area. For over 10 years we have been developing software projects from the scratch. Our management team abides by the principles of project management, we do our best to stick to the schedule, budget and other restraints.

Quite often we were the team that was asked to clean up after other executors and we are not afraid to work with the running systems that experience certain turbulence and there is no one to clean it all up.

We know that sometimes our clients require that extra bit of assistance when planning for the projects and formulating the idea. Let us help. We have certified personnel by BPMN, ITIL, PMP. So whatever problems you currently have or you are only planning for the project - let us help. We are very simple, down to earth developers that know how to create systems and never shy away from problems that come along with such responsibility.

Managed by

Pavel Pronin

Pavel Pronin
PMP, BPMN, ITIL certified manager. 16 years experience in creating the largest IT projects in Central Asia. Pioneered over 7 projects.

We guarantee manageable and stable code in all of our applications.

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